További szülinapi köszöntések Michael Jacksonnak


Barátok, ismerősök, kollégák

Happy Birthday. Love always 🙏🏽

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The King And I #HappyBirthdayMJ

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I've been thinking a lot about my friend Michael Jackson on his birthday today. One of my favorite memories with him was in 1974 right after we presented at the very first #AmericanMusicAwards. After the ceremony, Mike turned to me and said, "Are you hungry?" We hopped in our limo, drove over to Jack in the Box and ordered a whole bunch of tacos. We opened up the top of the limo, stuck our heads out and drove down Sunset Boulevard eating tacos and laughing our heads off. Mike and I had a lot in common and had the greatest conversations about life. We were both the seventh of nine children. We both performed in a group with our brothers and our mother's even shared a birthday. He understood the unique pressures and expectations of the entertainment business that became our reality at a very young age. He would tell me that I was the only person on the planet who understood exactly what he went through in his childhood. I could say the same thing about him. I sure miss him and I'm excited to see him again someday. Mike was a true genius. He might be gone, but his legacy and his music will never die. Happy birthday, friend. #MichaelJacksonDay #HBDMJ #MichaelJackson #MJ #KingofPop

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Happy Birthday…. King Forever❤️

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